Have cryptsetup installed by default in Whonix

I think it’s common enough. Handy when using encrypted USBs.

perhaps checking here:

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Is that the only package you need for encrypted USBs or are you interested in a GUI?

@nurmagoz please add this request on phabricator.

We have an old thread dedicated to which choice of passmanager to pick. Consensus seems to be out on this for now?

That’s what I need and that’s what’s required in order to use the current GUI (the XFCE File Manager) with encrypted USBs. Without cryptsetup, an error regarding cryptsetup appears after entering the passphrase. A less technical user may assume the problem is with the passphrase rather than with a missing package.




OK should be simple to add in the next release. Meanwhile just install it manually.


Should be installed by default on workstation and gateway. Reason for gateway: someone might attach an encrypted usb drive to the gateway (to restore config, backup or something) and expecting the same like in the workstation.

Which anon-meta-package would be a suitable for this cli package?

//cc @Algernon

I’d add it to non-qubes-vm-enhancements-cli.

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I’d add it to non-qubes-vm-enhancements-cli.

Not Qubes specific at all? No one would add a USB drive to a Qubes VM

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