Haroopad specific profile.

Haroopad is a markdown editor, I downloaded it from this website:

http://pad.haroopress.com/user.html => haroopad-v0.13.1-x64.deb (minutes ago it was still the current version)

I’m on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.

By having AppArmor scan related events in the log file, I find plenty I’m unable to evaluate, such as accesses to ~/.Private/ECRYPTFS_<long hash codes>…

The filesystem encryption gets unlocked at boot time of course.
So far I haven’t seen anything like that in the few other apparmor profiles I’ve gone through, e.g. Firefox and Thunderbird, but I didn’t make them from scratch either, I just added a few lines.

Could I have downloaded a compromised package? (I don’t see any signatures of the developers on that page that might serve to verify the package integrity.)

Or maybe those events are just fine and have nothing to do with any attempt of exploiting anything.

Does anybody more knowledgeable have a suitable profile for this app?
Or can anybody more knowledgeable give it a try with AppArmor?

Also, I might be excessively suspicious because I’ve found mention of the Haroopad markdown editor on some Steemit posts inviting to use Haroopad to format Steemit posts. Users log into Steemit by mean of private keys that - as far as I know - might give access to some extent to the crypto wallet associated to their Steemit/DTube accounts.

Did you download this on your host (Ubuntu)? Whonix?

You should avoid manual software installation



Just because you don’t understand the log output does not indicate there is something wrong with the profile or app. I’m note sure that you will find anyone here to help with debugging this profile. It can be time consuming.

This can be answered as per: https://whonix.org/wiki/Support#Free_Support_Principle

I would start with the Ubuntu Apparmor wiki. Put the app Apparmor profile in complain mode and learn how to debug and start creating your own profiles.



Thank you for replying, thanks for the links.

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