Hardware recommendations (Specs) 4 running many whonix VMs simultaneously

Anyone running a bunch of whonix-VMs simultaneously and willing to share his opinion about recommended hardware specs?
I’d like to be able to run around 10 whonix-workstations at the same time and would like to know what minimum hardware specs should I be looking into cpu (i.e. minimum cpu (i5 or i7, 4-cores or 6 cores or 8!?) minimum ram (8,12,16…or 32?!) and gpu (1 or 2? 1GB ram or 2?.. or even more?).
I think I read in the whonix documentation that hardware that works well for gaming should also work well for virtualization but thats a bit vague.
I don’t want to do any heavy stuff on the host nor in the VMs (no gaming, no heavy photo-editing, no heavy video-editing). Mainly I want to run a bunch of hidden services (i.e. for alternative socialnetworking like diaspora, friendica, twister. Of course one for each “identity” and one or more VM for the standard, datamining socialnetworks (facebook, twitter,google+). 1-2 VMs for webservers (hidden services)(i.e. blogging under various identities), A secure-drop HS, maybe another globaleaks-HS, Several HS for different “cryptocurrency identities” and so on. I guess you get the idea. Of course not all VMs would run always at the same time, but a bunch of them would and several would get fired up if needed and afterwards shut down.

I know hardware recommendations are never easy, so let’s specify what the hardware should be able to handle comfortably:

  • running around 10 whonix-workstations at the same time
  • no gaming, no heavy photo-edditing, no heavy video-edditing
  • no huge traffic for the hidden services

Thx y’all