hardened malloc disabled issue

workstation user ~]% systemcheck --verbose --gui --cli
[INFO] [systemcheck] | Whonix-Workstation | Mon Nov 13 07:47:47 UTC 2023
[INFO] [systemcheck] Check sudo Result: OK
[INFO] [systemcheck] Whonix build version:
[INFO] [systemcheck] whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies-cli: 23.8-1
[INFO] [systemcheck] derivative_major_release_version /etc/whonix_version: 17
[INFO] [systemcheck] Whonix Support Status of this Major Version: Ok.
[WARNING] [systemcheck] Hardened Malloc: Disabled.
[INFO] [systemcheck] Spectre Meltdown Test: skipping since spectre_meltdown_check=false, ok.
[INFO] [systemcheck] Package Manager Consistency Check Result: Output of command dpkg --audit was empty, ok.
[INFO] [systemcheck] systemd journal check Result:

[ERROR] [systemcheck] Tor Connection Result:
systemcheck gave up waiting.
Tor Circuit: not established

Possible issues:

  • Is the host’s internet connection working?
  • Whonix-Gateway will need a few moments for connecting to the Tor network.
  • Did you start Whonix-Gateway beforehand?


Try again: Start Menu → System → systemcheck
or in Terminal: systemcheck
or more verbose in Terminal: systemcheck --verbose --gui --cli

Run systemcheck on Whonix-Gateway as well.
zsh: exit 1 systemcheck --verbose --gui --cli


--verbose isn’t recommended for users.

It’s not enabled at time of writing.

Why? See wiki and development forum thread.