hardened-kernel outreach


ID: 977
PHID: PHID-TASK-nvs45dpe7dli4wmux7tq
Author: Patrick
Status at Migration Time: open
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


Very few are aware of linux-hardened let alone hardened-kernel.

GitHub - anthraxx/linux-hardened: Minimal supplement to upstream Kernel Self Protection Project changes. Features already provided by SELinux + Yama and archs other than multiarch arm64 / x86_64 aren't in scope. Only tags have stable history. Shared IRC channel with KSPP: irc.libera.chat #linux-hardening and hardened kernel config (at least host) should be suggested to openwall kernel-hardening mailing list, other related mailing lists and other Linux distributions too.

Most of them were previously interested in grsecurity but I don’t see discussions on linux-hardened let alone hardened-kernel.

Ideal outcome: another distribution adopts hardened-kernel.

Very good outcome: more awareness for this project and new contributors joining linux-hardened and/or hardened-kernel project.

site:gentoo.org "linux-hardened"

site:fedoraproject.org "linux-hardened"

site:mirage.io "linux-hardened"

archlinux heard about linux-hardened but not hardened-kernel.


Similar to previous outreach: