Happy Tor exit node runner

I’v heard that if you (Yemi) are using Tor to browse the web the exit node runner (Rubi) can see your data, this is funny to see other people what to browse for the exit node. When I was a kid or other kids liked to stand in the back to see other kids playing internet browser, because seeing somehing sometimes feel better than doing something. This sometimes makes other paranoid as you can see the finger movement when they are typing password. But for Rubi who running the node, he only can see the contents of Yemi through his node, unless Yemi are sending something leaking Yemi privacy and uncrypted that Y should care all the time when using Tor all the time. So I want somebody to designe a browser to display what others browsing, it has good and bad.

Bad: more and more people know how to do the then man in the middle attack, and the exit node have bigger chance to recognize Yemi. Some websites only know your IP address not your cookies and login automatically, that is why tor site doesn’t recomand home use computer do the exit node.

Good: it’s harder for the goverment to position Yemi, and Rubi have big reason why to do the tor runner–it’s relax to see other people to the browsing, there is no need to move any finger, the reason more and more people using Tor and running node.