gw15 and ws15 now hard wired to sys-whonix for updates?

Hi all,

It appears the gw15 and ws15 are ignoring the qubes UpdatesProxy file. I renamed sys-whonix to sys-tor, and updated the dom0 proxy file:


$tag:whonix-updatevm $default allow,target=sys-tor

This used to work in version 14. Now, can’t rename sys-whonix, and also can’t update over clearnet (not use tor). Is there a fix?


Hi qubed

Does sys-tor connect to Tor? You were able to update your templates over Tor with sys-whonix set as qubes.UpdatesProxy?

Note: I justed updated my Whonix 15 templates with vm named other than sys-whonix. You likely have a configuration error.

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Hi, yes I’m on Tor, no problems. I rename back to sys-whonix and the templates can update again. Strange. I’ve both used an old sys-whonix template, and created a new one from new template. Same thing. I wonder what it can be. I’ll sleep on it, and start over again.

Thanks for checking, I appreciate it.

Did you set a netvm for your tempalates? They should be non-networked. For example did you,

qvm-prefs <some-template> netvm sys-whonix

Also, did you clone your templates.

qvm-clone <template-to-be-cloned> <new-template>

Or rename using the Qubes VM Manager?

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Fixed. The file system was corrupt and unstable, from a failed whonix template upgrade.

I downloaded the new qubes 4.02-rc1 ISO, wiped the drive (after backup) and did a fresh install. Everything back to normal now :slight_smile:

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