GW over local (host machine) proxy

Tor does not work over a regular internet connection. Whonix doesn’t work, Tor browser doesn’t work. All Tor connections are blocked. Obfuscator and bridges don’t help.

I have remote Debian virtual machines. Using the PuTTY tunnel, I create a local proxy (, set it in the Tor browser and it works fine.

I want to teach the Whonix gateway to use the same proxy. Environment:

  1. Host machine Win 10

  2. Whonix virtualization VirtualBox

How to configure Whonix GW so that the gateway uses the machine’s local proxy host on port 1080?

At time of writing, that is undocumented:

Partially documented but incomplete:

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Thank you for your answer, but your answer raises new questions.

Why is this not documented? Is this not recommended? Bad practice? This is a concern…

Standard situation:

  1. The government or corporate network is blocking Tor connections.
  2. VPN is not reliable: at any moment the connection is terminated and the traffic starts to fly through an insecure connection.
  3. There is a reliable / secure proxy in order to run Tor through it.

I always have some VPS/VDS (many do). Why not take advantage of this Whonix GW. It’s as easy as taking off your underpants before you go to the bathroom.

What do I understand wrong?

Thx again

When you first start Whonix GW, you are prompted to set up a proxy. I enter there (I mean the host machine) and port 1080 (I did the same for the Tor browser). Connection does not occur.

Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests chapter Community Feedback in Whonix wiki

No, I didn’t intent to imply this. Undocumented means only undocumented. No additional things are expressed.


  • There’s no proxy listening on This means on localhost on the Whonix-Gateway VM. Not the host operating system.
  • Not following instructions (if proxy software runs inside Whonix-Gateway it needs to run under Linux operating system user name tunnel.
  • Anon Connection Wizard - Whonix creates a faulty config file /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/40_tor_control_panel.conf. (Less likely.)
  • Something else.

thx again, but.

I suspect a mutual misunderstanding. It looks like you’re thinking of running a proxy inside Whonix GW, but I’m running a local proxy server inside a Win 10 host. I’ll formulate:

  1. I have a Win 10 laptop.
  2. in win 10 I run a proxy (PuTTY tunnel to SSH Debian)
  3. in the same Win 10, I launch the Tor browser and other applications through a local proxy ( - this is convenient.
  4. running VirtualBox with Whonix GW and want it to use a proxy host machine.

It looks like I didn’t formulate the problem correctly. I don’t need to configure VB to use a proxy. There is a suggestion to reconfigure the VirtualBox GW network interface, but I’m afraid to lose in terms of security. What do you say about this?

No, in this case, I doubt it.


Understood. Proxy outside of VM, on the host. Proxy not inside the VM.

If done right, I don’t see any security issues. To judge if it’s done right, it needs to be documented, which it is not.