Guide: Using stream isolation for the Newsboat RSS reader

The user can use an execurl script which gets executed, with its output being interpreted as an RSS feed. They can use scurl inside the URL file, followed by arguments and the URL.

Suppose the user wants to add both the Qubes OS and Whonix RSS feeds, they can do it like so:

exec:/usr/bin/scurl -L
exec:/usr/bin/scurl -L
  1. Add both to ~/newsboat/urls.
  2. Open the onion circuits display inside the Whonix gateway.
  3. Open the newsboat client inside the Whonix workstation
  4. Sync the Whonix feed and look at the circuits, then sync the Qubes feed and look at the circuits again. Notice how both of them used different circuits.

Probably not the best implementation, but it works as intended.