[Guide] Monero Wallet Isolation Guide

I wrote a guide on how I use Feather Wallet with monerod isolation in Qubes-Whonix:

onion: http://karaparawplotu233ux7adtiaqswdthdk6kiqqovgy4ldp2dseijwnad.onion/wiki/feather-wallet/feather_wallet_isolated_qubes_whonix_setup_en/

clearnet: feather wallet isolated qubes whonix setup en

I see the current whonix wiki page on Monero Wallet Isolation is tagged as “update required.” In my guide, I use a Monero Daemon (“monerod”) that runs in its own qube, under the default user account. So, the monerod binaries aren’t placed under /usr/bin.

Then I create a policy file in dom0 for allowing the qubes.ConnectTCP between the monerod qube and the feather wallet qube.

In the end, I have an “offline” qube in which I run feather wallet, and a monero node qube which forwards its 18081 RPC port to the offline monero wallet qube.

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Thanks Patrick, I appreciate it. Edited my OP.