Guard entry node

Lets assume someone runs a tor hidden service and they are paranoid about guard entry nodes, if one was to run his/her own guard entry node am I correct in thinking this would make the hidden service more secure overall and it would rule out one possible attack method?

Now I’ve never ran any kind of node before, I’m aware I’m going to sound like a newbie because I am and it’s all a learning process to me but am I also correct in thinking I would need to set up a relay and let it run for 8 days before it can become a guard?

If I found a hosting provider which allows relays and I ran only the relay on a VPS what specs would be ideal for this ?

It would be ran on a seprate server to my hidden service as well as seperate provider paid via tumbled BTC.

Lastly as it would be just a relay and a guard node, would this be ok to run a home pc or is the VPS method best as I wouldn’t want to attract and kind of attention, I know exit nodes can cause issues sometimes but I’m unsure about relays/guard nodes.

Thank you.

Better to ask this on tor-talk, since unrelated to Whonix. (As per