GSoD- My Introduction. Name: Sunny Dhoke

My name is Sunny Dhoke and I’m currently 3rd year CSE student. I would like to be part of Documentation project: Project Name: Refactor Whonix ™ in VirtualBox Tutorial for First-time Linux Users
I’m a security enthusiast so I know how difficult it can get to istall anything in a sandbox software like VirtualBox or VMware. I’m very much aware about the use cases and pit falls of using these softwares.
This is my introduction and looking forward to this project’s mentor guidance.
Peace out.
PS: Since this is my first introduction. I’m sorry if I was ot supposed to create a topic.

Hi Sunny

Welcome to the Whonix forum! Great to see interest in Whonix in VirtualBox for first time linux users. This would be a big help to the project since many new Linux users struggle when they transition from Windows. To start, If you haven’t already, this video is definitely worth the hour.

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