grub-live package doesnt boot plain debian

I have installed grub-live package on plain debian (netinstall xfce version) and i cant boot grub-live it will just show blinking dash -

This is comparison of /boot/grub/grub.cfg between plain debian+grublive package (on the left) and kicksecure (on the right):

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Diff looks expected.

Could you try with debug-misc package installed please? Hopefully this would show more relevant output helpful to diagnose this issue.

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You have specific commands you want me to run and check?

Good news hopefully, I got readings where it does freeze:

sticking here forever.

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Is this a secureboot enabled system?

I dont have it on the BIOS, So not supported by the PC that im testing on.

Its latest debian+netinstall (CD) version (i think 10.7) installed in a
vbox with grub-live package.

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Maybe a RAM problem. How much RAM do you have on your system?

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onion_knight via Whonix Forum:

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