Google Season of Docs (2019) tech writer selection announced in three days.

The Whonix team would like to thank each and every tech writer applicant for their participation in this first ever Season of Docs (2019). Both the number and quality of project proposals received by Whonix far exceeded expectations. As you are aware each open-source project was allocated a single tech writer slot. This made our decision very difficult as there were a number exceptional project proposals. If your project was not selected it should be looked upon more as a deficiency in available tech writer slots, not in your project proposal. While Season of Docs only allows for a single tech writer to proceed, any applicant is more than welcome to collaborate with the Whonix project. Due to the high tech writer turnout, and with regret, mentors will not be available for individual project proposal critiques. However, at your discretion project proposals may be posted on the Whonix forum for community feedback. Please be aware that Google Season of Docs Admins not Whonix will be announcing the accepted tech writer projects that will be continuing to the next Season of Docs phase on July 30, 2019 at 18:00 UTC. Once again the Whonix team would like to thank each and every tech writer for their participation and look forward to seeing more of your great project ideas next Season of Docs.

Whonix Team

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