GNUnet in sid chroot


With alternative packaging solutions no longer options for getting GNUnet. I thought of something else which someone also suggested on SE: What if there is a sid minimalist chroot to safely install the latest version? Debootstrap or something better for the task (see more in the lInk) could be used for this. Some directories like home could be mounted so gnunet and related whonix tools could interact.

Pros: No longer have to wait for major steps by upstream projects for packaging. No extra package management solutions need to be added updated.

Cons: Chroot may need many packages. Needs to be tested if the concept is sound.



That’s a rather hacky solution. Why not port whole Whonix to sid… Due
to the flood of upgrades and breakage. Something that works for an
advanced user that can be fun but not something that can be done as a
stable distribution.


True porting the distro to sid is terrible. The chroot was a compromise between both worlds. Sort of a docker lite which is the rage these days but with verifiability and more flexibility for working with the OS outside the jail.

The whole plan may be a pipe dream at this point but that’s a shorter way to get there.