global maps of every wireless access point

Edward Snowden said on twitter.

I wouldn’t use WiFi at home, because global maps of every wireless access point’s unique ID—including yours—are free and constantly updated. I would use ethernet; yes, ethernet on a phone. I would deny network permissions to any app that doesn’t need it using an app firewall.

What is this global maps of every wireless access point? This is the first time I’ve heard of it, but I couldn’t find any information, so I’d appreciate it if you could tell me if you know.

That “article” has a weird sense of Humor.
“Google has been accidentally gathering extracts of personal web activity from domestic wifi networks”

Yeah sure “accidentally”, who believes this BS?


Pretty old News, a lot of Orgs have similar Maps, the Government obviously has one.
A couple of “open” ones

Nothing new under the Sun, just the usual Snowden PR bla bla, instead of shitposting he should tell us how much Documents are still missing due to the Intercept/Greenwald bonanza, but i guess this isnt important for him anymore since he got his money and fame now.

“In total, fewer than 10 percent of the Snowden documents have been published since 2013.”

Question your Idols folks…

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