storage space issues

remote: ========================================================================
remote:    ##### ERROR ##### You have reached the free storage limit of 10 GB
remote:      on one or more projects. Please purchase additional storage to
remote:    unlock your projects over the free 10 GB project limit. You can't
remote:     push to your repository, create pipelines, create issues or add
remote:    comments. To reduce storage capacity, delete unused repositories,
remote:                 artifacts, wikis, issues, and pipelines.
remote: ========================================================================

Total namespace storage used
32.8 GiB

Total excess storage used
17.2 GiB

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Excess storage

Not a great solution but I purged the git history and re-initalized the repository.

Is this a temporary fix needing us to look for an alternative host? There are many others.

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If there’s one with more or unlimited space that would be helpful.

Check these.

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