GitHub Accelerator

@Patrick you should apply for this and I will come work for you full time

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Anyone like to apply for this on behalf of the project? Let’s discuss.

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I will try to get an application in this weekend. It seems like 10 weeks with 10ish hours of work a week, and that they will help work on tactics to ensure the financial future of the project.

It will be a lot for me to add on to my existing work load, but I will give it a shot. I would be willing to cut my salary in half to work for this project full time. But my job gives me retirement, health insurance, etc.

Maybe if the accelerator grant was won, it could facilitate sponsorship and growth of the project.

Either way, for now I am just focused on the CI things. Once that is complete, I will move to other organizational tasks.

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@Patrick I am about to submit an application. Could you list me as a contributor on the website please to lend some credibility to my effort and time I have put towards the project?

Personally, it makes no difference, but if I am applying for a Github grant, I think it makes sense to have me listed in some semi-legitimate way beyond just my commits and forum posts.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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application submitted :slight_smile:

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Sure, will add now to Contributors and Authorship.


Done. The exact wording is open for suggestions. It’s a normal wiki page and edits can be easily suggested. So any wording, links can be enhanced.

Made a small edit. Don’t think my forum name is needed. Not sure why I didnt just use my github moniker when I signed up here, but whatevs :man_shrugging:

Thanks Patrick

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If you wish your user name to be changed to be the same as on github, just let me know. Seems very easy with this forum software.

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that’d be sweeeeeet :smiley:

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This was done. :slight_smile:
(The new user name has probably to be used during the next login.)