Gateway with Debian Workstation

Hello there,i managed to configure debian vm working with gateway,and no connection,already followed this wiki

and these links


Does workstation need some extra configs?

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Which hypervisor did you use and how did you set him up?

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Ego,sure KVM,just add whonix network in virt-manager,inside debian vm settings listed in links above

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As far as I’m aware (though my knowledge on KVM is limited), to use a custom workstation with KVM you’d have to apply special Whonix specific network templates which is explained here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/KVM#Importing_Whonix_VM_Templates

You may already have noticed it, but each and every guide you linked only deals with custom Workstations on VirtualBox, not KVM.

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Ego this is actually not related to the topic.
Please personal experience only,if can.

I think vm need torsocks,is that true?

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