Gateway to TOR or not to TOR

To TOR or not to TOR is the question :wink:

Is it highly reckless to not use the TOR connection when connecting to the internet through a Whonix gateway qube template?

Is there any way to make it safe to browse the web without using TOR while in a Whonix qube?

Yeah doesnt make sense to use whonix if you are not using it for anonymity/privacy surfing.

If you want just the security parts then use kicksecure.



:pray:t3: THANK you! That is exactly what I was after, I just wanted the security parts lol :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much, KickSecure OS looks very useful for me :pray:t3: appreciated

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check here how you can transfer your debian into kicksecure (read the wiki carefully)

or wait for a kicksecure when its going to be released (unkown yet).


Thanks again

I also found this on YT: