Gateway No Internet Connection

I have installed the latest version of Whonix on a new installation of Linuxmint 19.3 successfully. Everything is working as expected. I usually disable the built-in Network Manager and install WICD as my main network manager. However, this time I experienced the following problem: after successfully connecting to a WIFI network through WICD the Whonix Gateway is unable to find the active WIFI connection
In Gateway, Nyx shows errors:
[WARN] 59 conections died in state connect()ing with SSl state (No SSL object)

All other apps (e.g. Firefox) on the Host can see the Internet connection just fine. Previous version of Whonix has never had such problem.

If I uninstall WICD and use the built-in Network-Manager everything is working OK, the Gateway sees the Internet connection and Tor is bootstrapping successfully. The reason I prefer WICD is because I use Macchanger to change my MAC. Built-in Network-Manager’s ability to change MAC automatically is buggy and also is not compatible with Macchanger.

Can someone please help me… :frowning:

I can’t find any similar bug reports on the web. Can you please file one with wicd and post the link here in case others run into it?