Gateway error? Package manager running ("apt-get dist-upgrade --simulate" exit

I have been having this window poping up in my whonix gateway.

The timesync window is automatically opened but never finishes, and another small window “Whonixcheck” Whonix-gateway 8-debpackage1"

A Package manager is currently running. (“apt-get dist-upgrade --simulate” exit code: 100) Waiting for it to finish…

Nothing happens.

This have been going on for a week now hope its not something serious, like security hole or something in my system.

It’s a bug in whonixcheck / timesync. Should be gone after reboot. Worth to be fixed, nothing to worry about.

Thank you Patrick for your fast response! :slight_smile:

I still have it after reboot. What I should to do?

Do what whonixcheck advices right in that message. It mentions three commands. Try those and post them here if still needed.