Free ISPs and Dial up connection on whonix

I have found some companies that makes available free Dial Up connections. In this way you can use some phone number to connect to internet and surf free, without a montly fee.
Now i was wondering some things. First of all, how could i use these dial up on whonix? Is it sure to connect to this phone numbers?
will i need my internet key stick to be able to make a dial up connection in whonix, or can i make everithing with the network manager?

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the second service won’t work at all, since it utilises .net, something which is unavailable on Linux systems. For the first one, I can only tell you, what they wrote about setup for Linux, see: Furthermore, I’m sadly unable to check any of this services, as I don’t live in the US. Also, I’d ask myself, why the first site overs their service for free (apparently, they don’t even try to force ads down your throat) …

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Are you sure it’s a legit service? Does anyone else successfully use it? For something that is free, there are strangely few discussions to be found on the internet when putting in the name of service into search engines.

Let’s suppose it’s working indeed. First of all, make it work at all. Without considering Whonix in the equitation. As soon as it’s working, try to use Whonix normally. Normally, Whonix does not mind however you access the internet, as long as it works. The faq of that service however indicates, that it’s only for browsing. Other services are likely blocked as I interpret it. So you might have to use a Tor entry guard using port 80 and/or 443. Or you might have to use bridges using uses port 80 and/or 443.

meek (a Tor bridge type) could work. Try with Tor Browser Bundle from first. Unfortunately, we don’t have instructions on how to use meek with Whonix yet. However, also an obfs bridge should work.

Please share your findings with us.

thank you Patrik and Ego, in the HOW TO instructiones for Linux say that there is no need for a client, so you only would need the network manager and create a Dial-up connection.
THe problem is that on Whonix I can’t see any option to make a ‘‘Dial-up’’ connectio… there is VPN, VLN, broadbaond…but not the option for dial-up
My important question was if i need an USB key to surf on internet with them…because they say only to put the number and create a dialup connection…but they don’t talk about any modem that you must have to connect to them

Whonix isn’t part of the setup at that point. You do this on your host.

Yeah i know, but do you think i would need a modem in order to connect or i can just type that number in a dial up connection and get connected?

Perhaps. But this isn’t related to Whonix at all. Not the best place to ask as per:

Ask the service operator. And/or some place where this service is being discussed.