Free email account extended time

I’m not an active user to my email account, but I need my emails keep in my mailbox for a longer time, unlucky most free email account is only 3 months active, anyone tell me the better free email service?

Did you check riseup’s policy on that?

Nonetheless, free e-mail accounts can be gone anytime anyway. So I suggest a backup on your hdd in any case.


The best suggestion in this thread imho is from Dutchie007, post #9. He recommends shtrudel.com (Israeli based). WTF! how stupid is that? True to the motto: If you’d like to avoid the NSA, go for Mossad! This one really made my day!

Patric website is a good forum to talk about email.

BTW, NSA is good boy, they have Snowden to destroy Russia

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