Dark Theme?

Does anybody know how to make it so that I get a dark theme on Like a “lights off” theme in Tor Browser while browsing the forum?

If you are still not sure what I mean check out what "lights off." means in the following game: "A Dark Room"

If you try this game in Tor Browser A Dark Room or download it from GitHub - doublespeakgames/adarkroom: A Dark Room - A Minimalist Text Adventure and try it locally in your Whonix Firefox ESR browser(in the VirtualBox Whonix version, or just a local browser in your Qubes if that’s what you are using) and while you have the game opened click in the bottom right corner where it says “lights off.” the entire screen will turn dark and the letters will turn white

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Added a new theme now. You may enable it by going into your preferences and selecting “Alien Night” under interface/theme Now, with a button on the top right of the screen, you may change between day and night mode respectivley.

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Thanks @Ego thats awesome!

How do I activate this theme? I assume I activated it a while ago but now that I don’t have it enabled…do we still have this theme? Anybody else have it activated?

I don’t know where I’m supposed to find this theme, but looking at this page

I kinda agree that the theme should be located as shown in this image

Did we have theme there earlier? Maybe it wasn’t popular or used enough?(maybe not enough demand for something like it?)

Now it could be potentially better for privacy if the theme could be changed by a user generated script, ie. a greasemonkey script which gives a dark theme to a discourse compatible website. Then the administrators wouldn’t need to do something and new features wouldn’t unnecessarily bloat the forum.

Try now: