Forum improvements (adding [fixed] , download , issues separation)

i think if we add these features to the forum its going to be great:-

1- adding [Fixed] button to the topics talking about issues , so it helps the users from recognizing the fixed issues from non or not yet one.

2- adding the ability to download whole ur topics , if anything happened to the forum then at least nothing going to be lost if we can download our topics/comments.

3- i think if we separate the issues related subjects between stable , testers , developers so that it will ease to users where to go if they have an issue to search for , or to add.

i think these r necessary (specially 1&2).

Unlikely. whonix.org is a user of the forum software SMF (upstream). Realistically no one is going to contribute adding these features to SMF.

If you want these features, you need to work with upstream or some other forum software vendor. No need to mention Whonix.

correction to number 1- = not a button , i meant sign or mark.

number :two: fixed :white_check_mark: with discourse.

number 3- , not necessary atm.

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