forcing Arabic language by default on the Arabic section


on the Arabic section , how can we force the Arabic language when the user open it with out the need to be a user in the forum or if he a user no need to change anything from his profile ? i think now the forum being stabilized for good time, thats why i think its the time to mention this now.

or should i communicate with discourse forum to solve this issue?

every time someone need to enter his profile and change the language from English to Arabic then Arabic to English = really not useable.


reported this problem to the upstream:-

Whonix中文教程/ An introduction to Whonix in Chinese

@fortasse @patrick can u please check what hes suggestion ?


@TNT_BOM_BOM: Hey, give it a try now. Sorry I just got around to this. You may have to refresh after you load the Arabic subsection, but it looks good on my end.


thnx @fortasse for this effort. at least it is way much better than b4.

link also related to the subject :-


Plugin broken. Disabled it.



oh how bad is that , hope they fix it soon as possible



He replied.


@mig5 can you recheck on this if its has been fixed?