following each and every change to Whonix code

All of Whonix’s packages (each package has its own git repository) are linked together from Whonix/Whonix main git repository. Link:


From there please press commits.

For every commit I try to explain what was changed.

If changes to packages were made (other git repositories) the commit message is mostly just . (a single dot). Please click on the commit. It will then show you which git repository (package) got changed.

For example Commits on Feb 26, 2018:


Submodule anon-apps-config updated 2 files

Click on 2 files. Leads you here:


Commit messages:

add new line at the end

Nothing newsworthy.

remove no longer needed /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ config files …

The ... indicates multi line commit message. Click it.

remove no longer needed /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ config files
to clean up environment variables
this also prevents crashes due to long environment variable bug

More interesting.

Or alternatively click on anon-apps-config and then on commits.

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