[fixed] Profile:/usr/bin/xchat Operation:mknod Name:/home/user/.aspel Denied:c

AppArmor Message
Profile: /usr/bin/xchat
Name: /home/user/.aspell.en.prepl
Denied: c
Logfile: /var/log/kern.log
for more information please see:

Difficult to fix. We should allow a single file for what is probably a peculiar installation. (aspell is installed but does not normally create a hidden file). Does your setup deviate much from a standard Whonix installation?

well i did it as a regular installation (download as .rar => extract it => open the virtualbox and choose import => choose the orange box (not the blue one because it doesnt appear and i didnt clicked it) =>install

^^^ thats applied for both gateway and workstation

also the original article is here:-

the following messages acquired while changing from stable to tester

[url=https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,1008.0.html]Whonix Forum

and btw just to inform u the message did not appeared again after the newest updates. but since u have an idea about this issue and how to fix it (even if its difficult) i just wanted u to know that there is someone with this issue (even if its fixed (i think) for now) so if any new user going to have this message then u r already informed about it.

thnx :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, anyhow (had read the original posts). Please report anything you encounter with AppArmor, even minor. It does help a lot, as, apart from Patrick and myself, I do not think many users have installed the Whonix profiles (yet).

yeah sure dude, im here to help this project with whatever i can and i will report every single error that i will face it on my way. :wink:

but i have had an idea and i want to ask u:

1- i’m going to test whonix as a tester repository (with installing apparmor) with all windows versions that r working till now => xp (with extended updates till 2019) ,vista , 7 , 8 , 8.1.

2-^^^ according to number 1- , is 32-bit or 64-bit will effect apparmor from the windows versions above?

3- is apparmor going to be effected on which host operating system whonix is running? or thats going to effect or considered to whonix only (as gateway&workstation)? or thats will not going to be different neither to whonix OS nor to the apparmor since they r going to run in a virtual machine ?

(i know apparmor for tor , but i dont know what r the things that effecting its working)

hope to c ur answers quick as possible to do this idea or not and to make sure that my time that i will spend on it will not be worthless . thnx :slight_smile:

You have partly answered your own questions. You will be testing Whonix as a whole, in a virtual machine.

To answer 1, 2 and 3, AppArmor is an extra security layer (inside the virtual environment in Whonix case) and should be independent from the host OS (32 or 64 bits). The issues you might report should not concern Windows.

well ok thnx for ur help dude :slight_smile: . wish to u all the best in ur time and work :wink: . take care for urself 8)