Fix Unmanaged Devices Network Manager

From the link I poasted what I did to get rid of the ethernet icon error

Enabling Interface Management

If you want Network Manager to handle interfaces that are enabled in /etc/network/interfaces:

Set managed=true in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf. So this file looks like:



But then it would be managed by network manager. This may change a lot more than “no more red icon”. I don’t know if network manager, especially the ifupdown (manage /etc/network/interfaces) is ready for prime time.

would removing this network management icon be a problem? The warning it gives is misleading

No problem. But I never saw anyone being able to do that.

Short page with commands on how to hide either network manager or kde-plasma-networkmanagement though its mainly instructing people to deprecate the latter in favor of the former.


Doesn’t work that way on Debian. That package doesn’t even contain that file.

sudo apt-get install apt-file apt-file update apt-file list plasma-widget-networkmanagement

Are there any related packages in this list that make sense for the method I linked to in my last post?


Doesn't work that way on Debian.
Please be more specific. Is it that the package isn't even in Debian or isn't being used?

Not that I know.

It’s used in Debian, but Debian packages it differently. Doesn’t use the same autostart mechanism. I don’t know the mechanism by which it decided to autostart it so we could hook into it.


Says that kdenetwork manager is a front end to the network manager. The link is very relevant to this topic and short please read it.

Done. Didn’t help.

Going to re-register on kde user mailing list. Was quite useful in past.


Please consider signing up as well.

Got quite a few stuff I need to ask. From my TODO list:

- kde discuss debuggbility of distro settings
- kde discuss changing user settings through upgrade by distro

  • kde hide icons in taskbar by default, example of scripted desktop
  • kde plasma network management widget autostart mechanism
  • kde how to hide unmanaged network

Scratched already asked questions.

[quote=“Patrick, post:10, topic:507”]- kde discuss debuggbility of distro settings

I haven’t forgotten about this, as soon as I have time I will create a KDE account and help out with the topics you need to ask about.

[quote=“Patrick, post:11, topic:507”][quote author=Patrick link=topic=532.msg4146#msg4146 date=1411287818]

  • kde discuss debuggbility of distro settings
  • kde discuss changing user settings through upgrade by distro
    kde settings files / packages - debugging and changing user settings as a distribution
    Unfortunately, no answers.

[quote=“Patrick, post:10, topic:507”]- kde hide icons in taskbar by default, example of scripted desktop

Now we gotta find how how to apply it.

Here is what I think needs to be done with this script:

They can also be put in share/plasma-desktop/init/ to set up Plasma layouts on first log-in (or whenever there is no existing configuration) or in share/plasma-desktop/updates/ to alter the plasma-desktop configuration on its next start.

The /updates/ folder also solves the “changing user settings through upgrade by distro rather then fresh build” question.

Committed a fix. I am not entirely sure it works due to difficulties debugging this stuff as explained above. A new image build will show. Chances are good.

It’s back since jessie / Whonix 11. But in another form.

Do we to leave it as is or try to remove it?

Removal is better because they don’t show useful information anyway. Should I research how?

Yes, please.



[Containments][1][Applets][6][Configuration][Applets][9] geometry=0,0,24,24 immutability=1 plugin=org.kde.networkmanagement zvalue=0
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