Firejail, Hardened Malloc and tb_hardening Option

I am a little puzzled regarding the “tb_hardening=true” option. If I use it, will the steps of setting up Firejail and Hardened Malloc mentioned in “Whonix-Workstation Security” wiki page still be necessary? Or this option already has them covered? I just want to apply Firejail and Hardened Malloc on my Tor browser only.
Thank you very much!

Welcome to Whonix and thank you for your question.

The Tor Browser Starter by Whonix developers will soon include a “hardening” feature […]

Not yet.

When that feature exists (currently only in developers repository), i.e. as soon as available from stable repository, documentation will be updated. From then no other steps will be necessary for what you are asking.

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Ah, now I get it. Thanks for the answer and your hard work!