Fingerprinting detection tech?

Provided that many modern fingerprinting run on the browser side (assuming JS is enabled), I imagine it should be theoretically possible to detect a good amount of that. For example, detecting scripts that collect and send info regarding mouse movement patterns, keystroke rate etc, or at least detect suspicious scripts that upload this or that kind of data.

Are there any public tools that do that?

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you are asking about a tool which is used to collect info when JS enabled?

if so, then you are asking in the wrong place.

No no. It’s the right place to ask. I remember documenting a site specifically that fingerprints different versions of Tor Browser whose code is open source. I can’t remember what wiki page it is on now. Looking up leaks or fingerprint is as about as useless as searching the entire documentation manually.

Is this it @HulaHoop?

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No. I’m asking about tools that detect info-collection tools. Counter info-collection measures.

Ideally, a Tor-like browser (with same hardening measures - fonts, canvas etc) that can connect to a site and, while allowing the site to do its thing (not blocking JS or intervening), analyze in parallel every script that runs on the browser and try to determine the risk level of those scripts to the user, on the fly.

Simplistic example: if the site uses JS functions that tracks mouse movement more than normally necessary for proper function of the site, set “mouse tracking” warning.

I realize this is not an easy thing to accomplish.

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No.There found it!

I see, great collective info.