File transfer between multiple Workstations, how?

Hi. What is the most secure and convenient way to transfer files between two or more Workstation VMs? Whonix wiki doesn’t have any information about this. I am not interested in connections between Gateway and Workstation, just between multiple Workstations. Is setting up an SSH server on Workstations machine and then use Secure Copy will be a good choice? Any risks that an attacker can reach my Workstation machine through SSH?

You can setup shared folders between two guests. Both Virtualbox & KVM have documentation on this.

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But that is not secure approach I guess because shared folders rely on non-free VirtualBox guest additions. More secure is to set up an SSH server inside one of Workstations inside internal virtual interface and then secure copy files to them. I think so. So could you tell me what is more secure?

Not non-free. See:
VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO Freedom vs Non-Freedom

Use KVM and apply the same concept. No closed plugins of any type are ever needed.