few questions virtualbox (Whonix LXDE)

I’m using virtualbox .ova images. I installed LXDE on Whonix-Workstation. And i got few questions.

I did “sudo service --status-all” and i get the fallowing output…
Question why tor service is running on my workstation ? I tough tor runs only in gateway?

Next thing. After i installed LXDE i checked lxsession settings and got output like this…
First question why spicevdagent is in startup ? It’s virtualbox not kvm, why .ova image contain such thing ?
Second question. It’s not whonix related, but i hope to get answer here… On lxsession screenshot there is services that is checked for startup, but no name of the service, how i can find the names of these BLANK entries ?

Currently unsupported.

See also:

In future, Whonix might provide XFCE builds.

No adverse effects. Reduced development workload.

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