FAQ link changing its place suggestion

as u c the users of whonix r increasing , logically many questions going to be asked. so here the frequently asked questions appeared to be useful for not to ask a repeated question but just to read ur question (if the answer existed in that link). but the problem the link is only appeared to be in “Documentation” and hidden between the lines and im sure no one will reach to it (simply how many ppl going to read and open project documentations?).

so i suggest to make FAQ link appeared in the top of forum and also in www.whonix.org page at least.

in this case all the questions listed there, going to solve the overload of questions being asked here.


i wounder why dont why add this FAQ?

Too much links. And the FAQ is not so useful as is. Needs more work. Needs to be rewritten. Some stuff doesn’t belong there. It was only added there, because documenting it didn’t fit elsewhere.