FAO Tempest cyberguerilla guide installing a safer operating system

Apologies as it’s not whonix related but I received assistance previously regarding this issue.

A few years ago I installed Debian using the cyberguerilla guide installing a safer operating system.

Back then, there was a troubleshooting section in the event that once installation was complete, and it you were greeted with the dreaded flashing cursor, you could rescue mode and there was a line or perhaps 2 of code that fixed the problem.

I cannot find it anywhere and was wondering if anyone could direct me to where to find it.

//cc @tempest

I’ve manages to fix it, but not the way I enquires about above. I entered rescue mode, and installed boot loader on to vg-root, then rebooted and it’s worked.

I’m apprehensive about his though in case it’s jeapordised the security within the process

I’ve found the appendix guys, thanks anyway though :smiley:

sorry for the late reply.

@Tenaciousfella glad you found the appendix.

in the latest version of the guide i am working on, the troubleshooting section is gone. instead, this common problem is addressed by assuming it may happen and, therefore, is incorporated into the general installation instructions. the latest version is currently in a testing phase. i expect that a public final version will be released in the next few days.

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On the off chance that anyone stumbles across this thread for the same reason, here are the links to the old trouble shooting appendix.


the directions from the appendix afterwords wont work the same. if you came here for the blank screen reason, go through the grub install steps after you used the appendix.

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Thanks @tempest this is good news. I thought that guide/project was dead. Looking forward to the new version. Will you announce when it’s ready?

@9b_Nx5Cjep i will. unfortunately, apple computers have become more problematic. so, waiting on beta testing there to find either a solution or drop it from guide. so, that’s the hold up right now. aside from that, software solutions are in harmony at the moment. instant messenger solution still is not ideal. but it’s workable.

@tempest where I can read February 24, 2019. Version 1.7.1.Beta pdf or html ?

Hi Lekki


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the above linked 1.7.1.g version will likely be the final full release. waiting for some additional feedback from those testing it. however, keep in mind that it is a beta version and, therefore, may still contain some issues we’ve all missed in our review.

Hi @tempest .
How can we find the most updated version of the anonguide? The links that you published on the forum seem unreachable.

Thank you in advance.

All versions of the guide are outdated. When Whonix Host is released, it will be updated and I’ll be looking to submit the info to the Whonix wiki to make it easier to find and keep it current.

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@tempest so, in practice, the anonguide will be embedded on the Whonix wiki when Whonix Host will be released?

that’s the idea at the moment. it makes more sense in the long run. it won’t be called the “guide” anymore most likely. it will simply be chapters on the wiki that can be clicked through and hopefully integrate with other wiki entries as needed.

Uhm interesting approach. Is there a date for the release of the Whonix wiki updated with these chapters?

How can he give you an ETA if the event it is based on is itself tentative?

not yet. until whonix host announces a release date, it’s in flux for the moment.

Thank you @tempest

Currently is there some ETA about the release of Whonix host?


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