Failed to start mouths VirtualBox shared folder during the start?

Keep getting this error while booting both workstation and gateway. I’ve started thinking this could be the reason why i can not connect to localhost or open up my .onion address even tho everything seems cool on the gateway side.

Any idea why am I getting this error?

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sorry but are you sure it says “mouths”? Because something along the lines of “mount” would make far more sense. Also, where does it say this? In the boot up log?

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Excuse my typo. Yes, It does appear on the boot up log screen. While anything else is ok, this particular line appears as “[Failed]”. Then it does continue booting up. Both images run normally however, I couldn’t display my localhost or hidden service page on the workstation side. I’ve followed the instructions as it’s written on the whonix documentation. But it seems like im missing something in here. Wondering if something to do with the images or virtual box.

Ignore it. Very most likely won’t break anything else.

[It’s a usability feature to ease mounting the shared folder once you
add it.]

I understand.

Thank you both for the replies.