failed to start kernel-modules load

Hey. I used qubes-whonix. With the release qubes 3.2. of I began to appear an error: failed to start kernel-modules load. I received no reply at all and there’s no answer. I decided to use virtual-box through on linux mint 18. how do you think it is quite safe solution? and what do you recommend instead of the …

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Well, decent at the very least. Though KVM is to recommend over VBox when a Linux based OS is used as the host. Also, Ubuntu based distributions, like Mint, aren’t really that great if you want to evade tracking at the best of your abilities.

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I hope this wasn’t the reason for switching away from Qubes. On minor messages:

Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ

Was probably this bug which was minor.

Thank you! You helped me a lot! I again set qubes-whonix!

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when I update whonix-ws then: Size of file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/www.whonix.org_download_whonixdevelopermetaffiles_internal_dists_jessie_main_binary-amd64_Packages.gz is not what the server reported 47048 16010

What does it mean? I was hacked?

Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ