Failed to start Journal Service (and other errors)


I didn’t see a similar thread here so I’m coming to ask regarding a new issue that is occurring any time I try to start Whonix Workstation on VirtualBox (Version 6.1.32 r149290 (Qt5.6.2)).

Whonix Gateway appears to operate as intended without issue. However, whenever I start the Workstation I get an error regarding the failure to start Journal Service and others with which I am unfamiliar.

Additional errors are:

  • Dependency failed for Flush Journal to Persistent Storage
  • Failed to start Helper to synchronize boot up for ifupdown
  • Failed to start Rule-based manager for Devices Events and Files.

I can’t think of any system change or changes to my snapshot that would have precipitated this. I would post a photo of the errors but that isn’t allowed here.

Any thoughts or input? Thanks.

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System Logs

Hardware Issues

sudo systemctl list-units --failed

Daemon Log View

(Whonix is baed on Kicksecure.)

OS is Windows 10 using VirtualBox (Version 6.1.32 r149290 (Qt5.6.2))

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