Failed to define domain

Hello, I have just decompressed archive and started to import Whonix VM Templates. But I’ve got an error on first step:
virsh -c qemu:///system define Whonix-Gateway*.xml error: Failed to define domain from Whonix-Gateway- error: internal error unexpected feature pvspinlock

What should I do? Thank you.

Try editing the vm xml and changing < pvspinlock/> to
< pvspinlock state=‘on’/>

(No spaces. its typed that way because formatting problems)

BTW what libvirt version are you running?

Nothing good, same error.

libvirtd 0.9.8 on Kubuntu 12.04.
libvirt-bin is already the newest version.

Ah OK. The libvirt version is too old to support this feature. You need to remove the pvspinlock feature from your config files completely.

You’re running Ubuntu LTS - Debian’s equivalent of old-stable but the config files target the stable version. So for best results please move to Debian stable which I recommend over Ubuntu anyway.

Ubuntu has a poor record for respecting user privacy.