Facing issues with Onion sites with whonix tor?

I am facing issues with Onion sites on my whonix tor after installing JoinMarket. The installer had some configs for tor and I dont understand them, so I fear it fucked up my system. May I provde the installer, or does anyone have any experience?

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

For the future I recommend for experiments:

Combing applications that have their own Tor integration with Whonix isn’t simple at all.

Not needed. When someone wants to research / document it, that is easily found.

This can be considered a feature request.
Therefore Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests chapter Community Feedback in Whonix wiki applies.

If anybody wants to help :slight_smile:

tor_install ()

if ! dep_get "${tor_tar}" "${tor_sha}" "${tor_url}" "${tor_pubkeys}" "" "${tor_tar}.sha256sum" "${tor_tar}.sha256sum.asc"; then
    return 1
pushd "${tor_version}" || return 1
if tor_build; then
    $make install
    echo "# Default JoinMarket Tor configuration

Log warn stderr
SOCKSPort 9050 IsolateDestAddr IsolateDestPort
ControlPort 9051
CookieAuthentication 1
" > “$(tor_root)/etc/tor/torrc”
return 1
popd || return 1

This shit is in the installer.sh of JoinMarket. Why the hell does it install that tor version?

Try contact JoinMarket.

but looks fucking weird no? Or do I just dont know how shell commands work

Looks like someone hardcoded it and never went back to make it happen dynamically :man_shrugging:

yeah asked them and they removed the issue instantly in Github… now I am worried my configs are fucked