Extracting the .xz kvm files exceeds ~50gb

The https://www.whonix.org/wiki/KVM#Landing says to extract using “tar -xvf Whonix-Gateway-” . This command takes forever to finish -
tar -xvf Whonix-Gateway-

And the resulting qcow2 file size keeps on exceeding ever over 50 GB. I had to cancel it and delete the file to free up the space . What went wrong here ?
OS: linux mint 18

Set these errors to ignore since the files do not occupy that amount of space in reality.

Read more about sparse files here:

when should i set them ? Because it just doesn’t return back to the terminal and the cursor keeps blinking at this stage-
tar -xvf Whonix-Gateway-

The operation does not finish.

I think if you add “p” to the command it will show progress. Please be patient and it will eventually finish extraction.

tar -xpvf

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