external network adapter

Hi, I have a Thinkpad 230x and would like to be able to change MAC adress befor connecting to public networks. How every this docent seams to be possible in my network manager. I have flowed a very clear guid att digitalcitizen

And in my wifi adapter it dosen look like that. In the lan adapter however it do.

I have read that there cases where this can’t be changed.

Also I have tried various programs that can change MAC adress as well such as Tmac. And others. This docent works eather. And that confirmed my suspicion that its not possible on my network adapter.

So it seams reasonable to attach an external wifi adapter to the computer to get around this.

I have googled “wifi lan adaptor”

And get plenty of options on diverse that fits this term and look like the smallest USB on the market.

My question is if that really a network card in that tiny usb that working independently? Bigger devices with antennas and stuff is out of the question.

Thanks your time : ).

Yes there are smaller ones on the market. Their range and strength may be limited of course.

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