Explain some things about Qubes-Whonix

Hello. I am a novice user of linux, but I have experience about a year with Whonix.
I want to understand that for me it will be better and as it can be done.

May I use Qubes, to make separate system, as in VirtualBox workstation? For example: I start my pc, start qubes and start separate Whonix Workstation like on VB? As I have understood, in Qubes i must use Whonix as in one system in Qubes, but i want separate file system, and etc in my Whonix. If i in future will want add, for example, kali system, i dont want see files (txt, icons) from Whonix and from Kali in 1 place. Now i use just ubuntu (vpn + encrypt container) + VirtualBox with Whonix. Its ok for me, but maybe if Qubes will better, im ready to change system.

you should start here

there was also a Post here about these basics recently

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If I could find the answer to the question in guides - I wouldn’t ask here. I want the simple, clear answer whether it is possible to realize so or not.

That’s correct, Qubes (technically a customized Xen) is the hypervisor and Whonix runs as separate VMs on it.

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Hi benev

Qubes is similar to VirtualBox but much more secure. You can use multiple virtual machines and guest operating systems

There are also instruction to use multiple OS’s


To get a better understanding on how Qubes works I start at the beginning of the documentation page and read all the way through.

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