Experimenting with Whonix Gateway and Parrot OS: Easy attack on Whonix?

Today i am experimenting with installation of Whonix Gateway and Parrot OS, hence i found the way to join both machines together work properly but still i am confused why Parrot OS can see through “netdiscover” 2 hosts:

I can see actual Whonix Gateway host with but why Parrot identifies with same MAC address and uncovers potential for an attacker to exploit It? For example, i am hacker, i search with netdiscover LAN, and instead of hacking Gateway, i go for easy target which is an internal adapter on Whonix gateway which connects directly to host OS, is it a feature or real risk to be attacked?

I thought communication between Parrot OS or Whonix Workstation must go strictly only on, isnt it?

Perhaps i am noob and see things wrong, please help to explain

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