Exodus Wallet bad networking?

I’m trying to use Exodus Wallet on a Whonix AppVM (Whonix-17 WS Template).

Fresh install, all updated. Newly created Qube.

Exodus installed in TemplateVM. It’s starting but it doesn’t seem to have connection. Networking works in TorBrowser so the Qube has connection but it seems like Exodus is getting blocked somehow.

Any help is much appreciated.

I have fixed this issue by downgrading the exodus wallet version. I’m using now the Version 22.8.12 deb package.

I’ve reached out to Exodus support and they don’t plan to fix this issue:

the Whonix device routes traffic through the Tor network, which is likely the reason for these issues. This setup may be preventing Exodus from connecting to the blockchain to retrieve the data related to your balances.

While it may be possible, Exodus generally cannot connect correctly when your device’s network is routed through Tor. This is due to our reliance on third-party services to accurately report wallet information to our users, for example, reading asset balances from block explorers.

Many of these third parties use CloudFare to help prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Unfortunately, Tor can be abused by malicious parties to perform these DoS attacks, and, as such, CloudFare tends to flag Tor connections for human verification, i.e., Captcha. In turn, what ends up happening is unexpected data is returned to Exodus, which prevents the wallet from connecting properly and causes errors.

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Use a privacy focused Wallets, for Monero https://featherwallet.org/

Bitcoin: https://www.sparrowwallet.com/ or https://electrum.org/