eth0 on bridged mode

Hi! Do have latest Whonix Gateway CLI running in Virtualbox, all working fine.

Changed eth0 setup to auto so Whonix get address via DHCP from host, interface in NAT mode in VM settings, so Whinix get Now I stuck with pptp over TOR issue, cause NAT realisation in VM has some problems. I decide to move to bridge eth0 connection to host and changed config, after restarting Whonix I got at eth0 and then relay via whonix tor stop working.

  1. whonixsetup stucks up 90 seconds before getting 100% tor woirking
  2. relay from other vm’s via whonix dont work, even arm on whonix says that tor connection established

So, anybody has experience about eth0 in bridged mode in VM?


Phrases such as “over Tor” are ambiguous. See:

Bridged mode is usually unavailable on Wifi network cards.

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