Errors updating whonix-gw template in qubes

With a newly downloaded and installed whonix-gw template in qubes, it shows updates available in qubes-manager. However, doing :

“sudo apt-get update”

…from within whonix-gw terminal , produces some errors. Most repos are contacted fine, but one of them causes an error like:

“Error, http code 403 received from proxy after CONNECT”

I don’t have my qubes/whonix machine here with me so can’t copy-paste it exactly, but the affected repo is something related to “amd64 packages”.

And because of this, it ends up with:

“E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.”

This glitch means that trying “sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade” fails entirely, because the error is considered fatal and not even other updates will complete. Manually forcing “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” will get the other updates, but even so, doing “whonixcheck” reports that it was unable to check for package updates, due to apt error 100.

Normal non-qubes Whonix running under KVM on Linux Mint has no issue, and updates check and complete correctly. Only whonix template on qubes is affected.

Can anyone/Patrick confirm that the repo in question is just offline at the moment, and if so, advise how to proceed? This has been the case for at least 4 days straight now, so it is not a “quickly-resolving” temporary problem.


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