Error when start whonix template

When I start whonix template opens this message
"Whonix-gateway netvm required for updates
Please ensure that this TemplateVM has a whonix-gateway as its NetVM
No updates are possible without an active (running) whonix gateway VM"

I run this command suggested by Patrick:
sudo /usr/lib/qubes-whonix/init/enable-firewall
but it worked since one week ago (also if I have to run it each time) now it doesn’t work more


Please type any error messages, keywords, questions, etc. in the forum search and/or search engines before creating new topics. There is an existing topic. Please use it.

Also please make sure you have upgraded to Whonix 13.

And when this persists in Whonix 13, please add your Whonix version number to your question.

Thread closed.