Error: Tor not running. (tor_pid_message: Pid File /var/run/tor/ doest not exist). Noob need help :/

Hello! Im trying to install whonix in virtualbox for the first time.

I imported the latest appliance and when I try to start and upgrade whonix gateway I get this error message:

Tor not running. (tor_pid_message: Pid File /var/run/tor/ doest not exist)

I tried to google it but I found no answers so looking here for help.

When I try to start workshop it says:

Tor’s control port could not be reached!

reboot helps?

No, I’ve tried rebooting 2 times.

Can you try please what is being said in the screenshot, i.e. restart Tor?

Hi BerryDa

Could you please run these commands in Whonix-Gateway konsole and post the output.

ls -l /var/run/tor

ls -l /var/run/tor/

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Hello again, After I restarted the 3rd time it worked. Now both gateway and workstation check success. Sorry for dumb questions :/:sweat_smile: